Executive Director's Message

In this world of increased incivility, where every difference of oppinion seems an opportunity for argument or even downright hostility, the followers of Jesus have a high calling.
It is not a new calling.  It is the same one we have heard from the beginning.  But because we hear much from the world, and because the world is much with us, we can miss it, forget it,  or simply disregard it.  What is it?  
It is the call to kindness.
Jesus was very clear- his followers would be identifiable by there obvious love for one another.  But more, and very radically different from the norm of the world, his followers were also to be kind and gracious to all.
There are no exceptions.  If you doubt this is our mandate, I wonder if you have read the New Testament.  Someone recently said that their favorite Bible verse is "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."  Somehow they missed Jesus' commentary on that thought, cancelling it with the command to love.
As followers of Jesus we are called to love everyone.  All.
Not easy.  Not pleasant.  But if we are going to build bridges between us, and if we are going to help people find the bridge Jesus built back to the Father, we have no optional other assignment.  Think of the person or the group that annoys you most, or upsets you most, or that you fear most.
Yep.  That is the person or group that Jesus says we are to love.  Read Matthew 5, Matthew 25, any of Paul or John's letters.  It is pretty clear.
Please.  Determine to obey the call to kindness, the call to love.  If not, at least be willing to say "I choose not to follow Jesus."  
Because that is what our unkindness, our un-love says.
Every single time.