Lots of good is happening!  Lots of prayers answered!  Lots of need continues. Lots of prayer needed! Thanks for your partnership. Thanks for your prayers.

As I write this, we are at the end of September, and fall seems to be fully with us!  It has been a full month, much going on, and October promises more of the same.  Thanks so much for your prayers!

Thank God for:

  • a good board meeting in September- clarifying our needs and directions
  • The Call – the entire Bible read aloud over the city over two weeks in September
  • Fresh ideas for how to be more effective in the work of reconciliation
  • excellent one-on-one and small group fellowship with pastors and community leaders
  • community events that built unity: International Peace Day; God belongs in my City
  • community wide ministries that want to work together
  • God’s favor and multiple affirmations of the work we do

Please pray for:

  • our BMOR board meeting October 11- seeking new members
  • board president Paul Lindvall as he prepares to move to Arizona
  • my retreat with YMCA chaplains October 3-6
  • the pastor’s day of prayer on October 13
  • our nation- an ongoing call for prayer and fasting until election day
  • us to find all of the right people to expand our board and build an advisory team
  • our finances to be strong and healthy
  • growing partnerships with like-minded believers for community transformation

Thanks for your prayers!  We depend on them!