Dear praying friends-


Thanks so much for your faithful prayers for us!  This month, as we launch into a new year, I ask you to join me in praying in a more general way for the ongoing work we do…
For growth, vision, passion, provision, and strength
For a growing city-wide ministry of prayer, care for people, and sharing the gospel
For all of our partnerships, networks, coalitions, associations, and fellowships
For continued and growing favor with church and community leaders
For financial strength, stability and growth
For clarity of mission, vision, goals, values, and strategies
For the various projects we are engaged in, including:  the YMCA, pastors fellowships, mentoring young leaders, Transform Rockford, mayor’s faith leaders summits
For our board members: Everette Harris, Matthias Williams, Jeff Honson, John Guse, Gary Ecklund, Barb Kohl, Tito Cevallos, David Aguilar, Steve Bowie
For our prayer team (you!) and our support team
For all community and church leaders, too many to list here, but including government, education, business, news media, not for profits, bishops, pastors
For our many tasks, including: connecting, catalyzing, creating, encouraging, correcting, confronting, reconciling, cooperating
And against those things that hinder our work:  need for credit, need for control, competition, criticism, calendars overfull, communication problems, cost issues, cynicism, confusion, cowardliness, and the like.
Finally, please thank God for carrying us and blessing us for now over 25 years.  He is so faithful!  This is his ministry.  It has never been ours.  We are his staff.


I’m not lying- we NEED and APPRECIATE your prayers!

Thanks for your prayers!  We depend on them!