I’m pretty sure I completely forgot to send a May prayer letter!  And I’m not at all surprised!  What crazy days, crazy times we live in.  All the more reason to pray!  I hope you are keeping us in prayer, even when I forget to update you on needs.  The needs don’t change much.  We need to be faithful to our calling, mission, and vision.  We need to be courageous, wise, bold, and loving.  We need to discern God’s leading, and follow him gladly.
Someone told me once that the devil’s favorite technique for making the church ineffective is division and disunity.  I believe it.  And he will use anything available- a pandemic, politics, fear, racism, injustice, chaos- to create that division among us!  But Jesus came to make us one!  In his great high priestly prayer in John 17, he very specifically prays to his Father that “they may be one, as we are one, so that the world will know that you sent me.” (John 17:21).  If Jesus prayed it, it’s gonna be answered!  And that has been our mission and passion since we began this ministry in 1993.  Working for unity in the body of Christ has never been more important, or more difficult.
I am deeply saddened by the triggering event of George Floyd’s death, and the resulting violence of our most recent crisis, and even more by the racism and injustice that caused it.  We are all God’s children.  He loves us all, and so must we.  Not just in word, or thought, but in action and truth.
I am so grateful for your faithfulness in praying for me and for the ministry of Bridge.  And we so need it!  Here are a few things to rejoice over and to pray about…
– the Church is resilient, and always finding ways to share the gospel and meet community needs
– much good has grown out of much bad
– people of faith are growing more creative and bolder in their ministry
– Our pastors and ministers are continuing to find ways to get together and support one another
– Our partnership with the Y grows even more important, and expands us from local to international!
– God continues to provide for us financially
– for an ending to the Covid-19 pandemic
– an end to the violence in our cities
– an end to the racism that has ignited and perpetuated that violence
– for us to be focused on Jesus, discerning his will, acting in ready, joyful obedience
– for me to be clear in my various roles, especially how to best serve the YMCA
– that God uses the ongoing crises to drive us to our knees in surrender and repentance
– for our leaders and all whose work in these days puts them in harm’s way 
– Our Bridge board quarterly business meeting on June 11
On a personal note, Jenny and I have a new grandson, and we couldn’t be more excited!  And we are ready to go meet him.  We plan to go to Montana in late June.  Please pray for our journey and our time!
Love you all!  Thanks for your prayers!