First of all, thanks to all of you who pray.  There is no way we would be in our 27th year without it!  And please know that your support of Bridge is also a support of me personally, and I very much appreciate it!
Here are a few thanks and a few requests for March…
Thanks for:
– a most wonderful, powerful Bridge board retreat February 28!  Much prayer, much direction, much open sharing and a strong sense of God leading us on!
– We also had a great board lunch on Feb. 13, and took care of a number of key items of business, even tho the point of the lunch is just to get some time together for mutual support
– the new people who have come on our board recently.  They are wonderful folks, and making us so much stronger!
– continuing and growing passion to keep working on unity in the body of Christ in these very divisive times
– all of our ministry partners, and especially our partnership with the YMCA, where God keeps doing very cool things!
– pastors who keep coming together across the things that divide them to become friends and partners
Pray for:
– Me.  Yep, I still need your prayers.  And those prayers of yours are being answered in wonderful ways!
– Our board lunch on March 12
– the various initiatives that we are working on with others in our community
– our community leaders- elected, appointed, hired- many of whom are our brothers and sisters in Christ
– the pastors in our region- for spiritual, mental, and emotional refreshment- and clear vision for their work
– individual congregations of the larger Church in our region- to see that they do not stand alone but are part of the larger body of Christ
– for us to find one or two additional leaders for the board
– for us to clearly discern God’s leading for our ministry, every single day
Thanks so much for your prayers!