About Us


…in which everyone values unity within the body of Christ and the community.

…that honors the diversity of each one’s background, culture, gifts, and traditions.

…that embraces prayer as the beginning and end of all we do.

…where time and energy is devoted to building trusting relationships of collaboration across racial, political, socio-economic, religious, gender, age, and other lines.

…in which humility, respect, and dignity are the foundation for approaching people, neighborhoods, and organizations.

…where simplicity and generousity compel everyone to share resources and meet the needs of others.

…where people are more valuable than programs, especially those who are considered lost, last, or the least.

…driven by compassion, cooperation, coordination, consensus, and commitment.

The mission of Bridge Ministries is to build up and bring together the body of Christ, to do the work of Christ together.

The vision of Bridge Ministries is transformed communities, glowing with the grace, prosperity, and presence of God.

Welcome to Bridge Ministries… transforming the city by working together.