Executive Director’s Message

May 2022

Must. That’s a hard word to hear. Demanding. Unbending. Hard.

May. That’s a gracious word. A choice. An opportunity. An invitation.

The religious leaders of Jesus’s time were full of “musts”. All of the things you had to do to be right with God. Well-intended, perhaps, but still very burdensome. Jesus came along and turned “must” into “may”. A gracious invitation. An open opportunity. And that was and is refreshing.

But let’s not forget that even an invitation or an opportunity presents a choice. The fact that you may, also means you may not. The choice is ours. We may engage with Jesus, and receive the blessings he intends for us. But we may choose to ignore him, look the other way, say “No thanks.” And Jesus never forces his will on any of us. The choice is ours.

I encourage you in this month of May to consider the choices that are yours. The opportunities that God offers you. What will you decide? The choice is yours…

Hope you have a great month!