We consider ourselves partners with all who serve Jesus and want to build his kingdom.  We are partners with all who endeavor to do his will in the world.

While it is impossible to post them all, these are some of the organizations we partner within our community and around the world. If you have questions or would like more information about any of these organizations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Carpenter’s Place provides the necessary tools to rebuild life for those who are homeless.

Deer Ridge Ministries provides free sabbath rest retreats for pastors and spouses.

Habitat for Humanity builds decent, affordable homes for those who need them.

Kids Around the World helps children and families who have been affected by war, poverty, illness and natural diasters.

One Body Collaboratives  is a movement to get churches to work together to show God’s love to the poor and needy.

Lydia Home strengthens families to care for children and cares for children when families cannot.

Rockford Area Lutheran Ministries coordinates ministry for the local ELCA churches.

The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford offers help and hope to those facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Rockford Rescue Mission helps move people from homelessness and despair toward personal and spiritual wholeness.

Rockford Urban Ministries works to address peace, mission and justice issues in the community.

Rock River House of Prayer is a meeting place for those who are drawn to intercessory prayer and worship.

The Salvation Army seeks to share God’s love and meet human needs in the community.

Transform Rockford seeks to facilitate the creation and implentation of a strategic plan by the community for the purpose of dramatically improving the social and economic well-being of the community and its residents.

Zion Development invests resources in the midtown district to build a community that enriches peoples’ lives.


Christian Community Development Association

International Justice Mission

Spark Ventures

World Vision

  • Bridges normally build from one side to the other, one side has to start.
  • Bridges move us between different worlds that have been separated.
  • Bridge building is usually expensive, risky, and only later is applauded.
  • Bridges must allow themselves to be walked on from both sides.
  • Bridges unite worlds.