Executive Director’s Message

Twelve pastors getting together for two hours may not be that unusual.
But twelve pastors getting together for two hours and not arguing is pretty amazing.
And when you consider that these pastors represent a wide swath of the possible congregations that make up the Church, it becomes downright incredible.  They are laughing together.  They are listening to each other thoughtfully.  They obviously like each other- lots of hugs and high fives.  And if you listen closely, you can clearly tell that they do not agree on all points- in fact, they differ a lot.
What is going on?
Friendship is going on.  Acceptance is going on.  Openness is going on.  And at a very deep level, unity is being built in the body of Christ.
Once a week, over coffee, these friends come together because they genuinely like each other- even love each other.
Is this a wish?  A dream?  No, this is a reality, every Tuesday morning in Rockford, at Katie’s Cup from 10-12.  Pastors  and ministers gather as friends to share a cup of coffee, catch up, share concerns, laugh a bit, and pray for each other.
And if you are a pastor or a minister, you are welcome to join us.  No membership, no fee, no joining.  Just show up.
Building the body of Christ, one relationship at a time.