Executive Director’s Message

Who of us ever imagined we would find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic?
I’ll spare you all of the rhetoric to date.  We’ve all been chewing over it for a while now.
Let me cut to the chase:  we are in it; it will not quickly go away; God can and will use it for good- if we’ll let him.
Should we pray for its quick cessation?  Of course!  But not so quick that we miss the lessons he might be trying to teach us as we struggle to find our way in this very new world.
Lessons like:  cooperation; patience; contentment; solitude; care for others first; and where we place our trust.
Reminders like:  God is in control; he is loving and trustworthy; he knows our situation; he is the God of all
For me, it takes me back to a more personal, a more individual, a more relational approach to the building of the body of Christ.  With gatherings largely outlawed, we are pushed to do things differently.  So far, I am encouraged.  This is God’s ministry after all.  We need to be open to his corrections and his leading.  Always.
Already I am seeing a greater openness to cooperation and mutual trust between pastors and churches.  We have the same end goal.  As we set aside our differences to pursue what we have in common, God is pleased.  What parent doesn’t love to see his kids get along?
Thanks for your support and love.  We are in a new world together, and God is faithfully leading the way!