Executive Director’s Message

June, 2020


Bridge Ministries is all about reconciliation. About finding ways to come together. About finding common ground. People who know me know how I value looking for and finding that common ground between people, building friendships on that ground, so that, together, we can work for the common good. I truly believe that, generally, we have more in common than we have that is different between us. It is essential that we know this is so.

But there is no common ground between justice and injustice. There is no common ground between right and wrong. There is no common ground between racism and respect. There is no common ground between good and evil. There is no common ground between hatred and love. In these and similar matters, one needs to take a stand for, and a stand against. It is essential to good bridge building. Right and good and respect and justice and love and such become the foundations for a solid bridge that truly allows us to come together.

Rodney King asked, “Can’t we all just get along?” We can, as long as the accommodation isn’t all on one side. As an older (pushing the far extremes of middle age), white, male, evangelical (I want people to know Jesus), I have to admit that I have been guilty of enjoying my privilege. I have to admit that I have much to learn from my brothers and sisters of color and younger (and older) age. I have much to repent of and much to change. And I cannot turn a blind eye to the evils around me. I cannot stand by when injustice happens. I must fight with all I have for the good.

Jesus made his mission on earth clear: “…to preach good news to the poor… to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind… to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. “ (Luke 4:18,19)

And I want to. And I will. And I know that making a Facebook post or writing an essay doesn’t change much. I need to go out and get to work. Every day. It is what the God I serve calls me to. It is what Jesus said he had come to do. And he calls me/us to do the same. And I want to. And I will.