Executive Director’s Message

It is so easy to find fault, isn’t it?
Especially with those who do not see things the way we do.
It is hard to imagine how anyone could have such mistaken ideas and positions!
Why don’t they just listen to me ?!!!
I sometimes think like that.  And probably, so do you.  We all hold convictions, and some of them very strongly.  And we should.  We should stand for what we believe.
AND, we should respect those that disagree, who hold equally strong convictions, but in the other direction.  Because, truth be told, there is a chance that our side might not be 100% right, and those fools may not be 100% wrong.
Jesus gives us some insight here.  First of all, he warns us not to call a brother a fool.  It is a danger to the brother and to us.  It comes from disrespect and even hatred.  And that’s the problem.
We are called to love.  Everyone. Even our enemies.  All the time.  Everyone.
Who can do that?  Only He can.  And we can, only as we let him love through us.  
Speak the truth, yes.  Always.  But always in love. 
That’s the standard.  How are we doing?